Freestyle Man with Jimi Tenor

Klas Lindbald aka Sasse aka Freestyle Man has been making and playing seriously deep electronic music for more than two decades now. His mission has always been to conjure up warm atmospheres, inviting grooves and heady soundscapes that encase listeners and take them to another place, and he has done so in many different ways.

Firstly, as a DJ, he has played all over the world and will do so more than ever in 2017. As a producer, he never fails to cook up compelling moods and grooves on labels like Pokerflat, My Favourite Robot, Bedrock or Dirt Crew whether working solo, or his numerous collaborations with Ewan Pearson, Holmar Filipsson from Thugfucker or Henrik Schwarz to name a few.
As well as this, of course, he is also the boss and driving force behind the Moodmusic label, which is synonymous with classy, cerebral house and techno sounds from both new talents and established stars alike. In 2016 it celebrated 20 years in action with some very special releases from the likes of Jonas Saalbach, Kiki, Camea and Patlac. All this means the influential label is all set to continue to get played by world class DJs who appreciate its considered, unhurried and timeless output.

In 2016 his ’Ani EP’ on My Favorite Robot and ’Vincent EP’ on Moodmusic surfaced, both to critical claim and support from the major players in the scene. When not working on his own sounds, Klas is running his mixing and mastering services at his own Blackhead Studios in central Berlin. In the last years he has been taking Michael Mayer, Anja Schneider, Camea, Blond:ish, Peter Pardeike and Dauwd to new levels with a masterful analogue approach and is mastering for labels like All Day I Dream, Get Wild, Freeride Millenium and of course Moodmusic.
A quarter of a century after starting out, Klas is as essential to the underground electronic scene as ever.

At ILMIÖ, Freestyle Man performs live with none other than JIMI TENOR.