​​Vacation Forever is the new project from brilliant Swedish artist Zacharias Zachrisson. In Stockholm Zacke is well known as a talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, painter and model. 2017 was a tough year for Zacke. He lost his mother and left the band he founded, dealing with severe stage fright. After some serious soul searching Zacke started from scratch. The result is a genre defying, vibrant and honest look into this special artist’s soul that Jeff Bhasker calls “The best thing I’ve ever heard.”Zacke calls it Tropical Emo.

“‘Kamikaze Love’ feels like a carefree trip, free from worry.” DIY Magazine

“The brother of Lykke Li, Zacharias Zachrisson is on a one-way trip to the top as he continues to create a wave of exquisite surf-inspired tracks.” Ones To Watch

​​“Zacharias Zachrisson‘s new project is a ​​feverish knockout.” “Amplifying pop electricity that sticks instantly like first-class glue.” ​​Turn up the volume

“Razor sharp beach-garage from an alternate dimension courtesy of Swedish singer songwriter Zacharias Zachrisson” Diamond Deposits

“Catchy and dynamic, an incredibly powerful listening experience not soon forgotten. But for every bright and shining moment, there is a lingering darkness.” “enthralling debut” ​​Atwood Magazine